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Creatio International represents artists serving for Christian missions. It represents professional designers, educators, and students in bringing awareness to the role of art in its biblical, social, cultural, economic, and creative contexts.

Designers in the ministry field can exchange ideas, information, and participate in research or shared resources.

Creatio is committed to stimulating thinking about design through conferences, competitions, exhibitions, publications, education and websites.

Creatio inspires, educates, and informs designers, helping them to realize their talents and to advocate the value of design among the media, business ministries, churches, schools, and the general public.

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The Author of All Beauty

Why do Christians need to be “recovering the beauty of the arts,” as R.C. explores in his series by the same name? Because beauty, like truth, belongs to the children...

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Reflecting the Art of God

We will never in this world, nor perhaps in the next, fully appreciate the cataclysm that was the coming of Jesus Christ. John speaks of His redefining all the fundamental...

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