Who We Are

What is Creatio?

Artists Serving for Christian Mission

Creatio is a professional association that gather artists and designers to have group activities under the name of Creatio. Creatio also devoted to serving various Christian businesses and fellowships throughout the world.

Founded in 2007, Creatio made efforts to help artists, designers, architects, professors, and arts professionals understand the deep relationship between art and faith and to bring awareness to the role of art in its Biblical, social, cultural, economic, and creative contexts while helping designers realize their talents and advocate the value of design within media, business ministries, churches, schools, and the general public. Also, Creatio supported christian communities, local societies, and christian culture with christianity-related works and activities as a Christian art and design fellowship.

Creatio is seeking to bring harmony between art and faith through the natural creativity given from God, our Creator. Based on this, Creatio wants to take a role to spread the gospel of Christ and to set the true culture of the community of Christ. Bringing the truth of the word of God into today’s culture, Creatio wants to communicate the will and purpose of God and help build the Kingdom of God.