Early Christian Art

The beginnings of an identifiable Christian art can be traced to the end of the second century and the beginning of the third century. Considering the Old Testament prohibitions against graven images, it is important to consider why Christian art developed in the first place. The use of images will be a continuing issue in…

Creatio’s Annual Book Project

Creatio’s 2018 Annual Book Project Recruitment    Project period: Nov. 19th- 30th, 2018 Location: 115 Dover Furnace Rd Dover Plains, NY 12522 Qualification: Creatio’s member Application date: Oct. 15th – Nov. 9th, 2018 Schedule: TBA  

Creatio’s Annual Exhibition Submission Started

Creatio starts collecting members artworks and design works for 2018 Annual online and offline exhibition. The offline exhibition will be held in the new campus of Olivet University at San Francisco. The guideline of the submission is on this website. http://creatiointl.org/WGA-2018/ This exhibition is collecting Creatio’s members’ art and design works globally which were created during…

Creatio’s Archive Website Coming Soon

Creatio headquarters has been progressing on making archive website to storage past exhibitions, projects and members’ individual artworks by chronological order and by artists’ names. Archive website is critical as the number of members is increasing and to preserve their artworks as Creatio’s history. This project is in the final stage to be launched by the end of…

Creatio’ Face Painting Activity During Summer Retreat in New York

Creatio’ Face Painting Activity During Summer Retreat Carnival Event in New York. Creatio chapter members joined the Carnival event during the Summer Retreat of New York Immanuel Church. Members volunteered to give face painting to children drawing gospel images or animals on their face and body.