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Christian Art in Philadelphia

CHRISTIAN ART Discover beautiful paintings, sculpture, and architectural spaces inspired by Christian faith and practice. Philadelphia Museum of Art

Reminiscences of Summer Holidays in France

To welcome summer, the Index of Christian Art presents an exhibit of travel ephemera from various cities in France. This selection of guidebooks and maps from the Index archive was inspired by a summer road trip to some of our favorite destinations, including Amiens, Tours, Bourges, Strasbourg, Beauvais, Dieppe, Toulouse, Chantilly, Beaune, Aigues-Morte, and NÎmes….

Faith, Freedom and Higher Education: Historical Analysis and Contemporary Reflections

Edited by P.C. Kemeny (Pickwick Publications) While debates abound today over the cost, purpose, and effectiveness of higher education, often lost in this conversation is a critical question: Should higher education attempt to shape students’ moral and spiritual character in any systematic manner as in the past, or focus upon equipping students with mere technical…

Edward Knippers

The devout Christianity of Edward Knippers as reflected in his monumental paintings, sets him apart from many other contemporary artists.  Rarely does a contemporary painter or sculptor turn to literal religious subjects for inspiration and still maintain a fresh, vibrant style.  Knippers has created a careful balance between traditional Christian subject matter and the gestural,…

When the Kings Come Marching In: Isaiah and the New Jerusalem

Widely respected for his perspectives on faith in the modern world, Richard J. Mouw has long stood at the forefront of the “Christ and culture” debate. In When the Kings Come Marching In — here revised and updated — Mouw explores the religious transformation of culture as it is powerfully pictured in Isaiah 60. In Isaiah 60…