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Pentecost Project 2017 – Join Us!

Pentecost celebrates the harvest of righteousness that is in Christ. After Jesus’ death, resurrection and ascension, the Holy Spirit came down upon to disciples and those gathered and that period was the birth of the church.

As We Enter Into the Pentecost Season

As we enter into the Pentecost season and we begin to meditate on the Holy Spirit gifted to us, I also begin to mediate on how our lives are a lot like art and how the Holy Spirit helps to create something beautiful out of them. Our Father God, being the ultimate Artist, has blessed…

Easter Image Event Ongoing During The Holy Week and Easter Day

Creatio’s Easter Image Contest is ongoing during Holy Week until Easter, from April 9th until 15th. Many Creatio artists and designers around the world are participating in this event. The graphic arts are being exhibited on Facebook and Instagram and Creatio’s exhibition website.

Creatio China’s T-shirt Project A Big Success

From March 6, Creatio China began a T-shirt selling project promoted through social media. The debut T-shirt was for Easter, with the design of a lion and a lamb, inspired by the Bible verse Isaiah 11:6. Members gathered to produce the product, spending 3 months to develop the project. Though there were difficulties, such as making samples, however by the grace of God, 30 shirts were sold out within 2 days.