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The 14th Anniversary of Creatio

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On July 25th, Creatio International celebrated its 14th Anniversary. From all over the U.S., 40 designers, artists, and more guests gathered to meditate on the meaning of God’s design and Creation.

Focusing first on the Word of God, the Anniversary sermon was delivered from Genesis 1:31 and Exodus 31:1-6. Speaking about the Creation of God, the preacher highlighted how designers should design with the heart of God when He created the world. He shared, “The joy [of Creation] is not merely coming from your own satisfaction—the joy of God comes from love.”

Moving onto the deeper meaning of Creation, the preacher shared, “The act of love always has two sides like a coin. When there is love, there is the cross,” pointing out the importance in looking at how Jesus loved until the very end. The designers were reminded of the precious commission they have to serve God with their talents with love inside of their hearts.

After the service, there was a cake cutting, a group photo, and dinner. Furthermore, a drawing exhibition was displayed for guests to view, and included various unique pencil drawings and colorful watercolor designs.

Creatio International joyfully celebrated 14 years of hardship, tears, development, and glory for the Lord, and looks forward to the new 15th year. As designers for Jesus Christ, Creatio continually wants to remember the commission to design with love and spread the joy of Creatio to numerous people all over the world.

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