Creatio International




The advertising program is operated by Graphic designers, marketing specialists, students from advertisement design, and the people who want to


Creatio’s animation group is a gathering of truly passionate individuals. The ones who like cartoons, animation, motion graphics, and video


Creatio’s architecture program is a group of people who are interested in Christian architecture. Christian architecture has strongly influenced the

Art History

Creatio desires to appreciate and be inspired from all eras of art. There have been many periods of art that

Children’s Art

Creatio has diverse activities for kids who love to be involved in art. Art has the power to change people


Creatio has many fashion designers who are passionate about fashion and their faith. This group makes fashion goods related with


Creatio’s film program endeavors to make a true Christian film culture. Film is a such a strong media that can

Fine Arts

Creatio’s fine arts group is one of the strongest group within the organization with diverse and talented members. It has

Graphic Design

Creatio’s graphic design program is made of those who like to create graphics for all aspects of Christian culture. They

Industrial Design

Creatio’s industrial design group is focused on making industrial products such as chairs, home decor, frames, desks, and etc. This

Interior Design

Creatio’s interior design program is focusing on building remodeling and development. This program offers opportunities to help interior remodeling for


Creatio’s photography group includes many professionals. One good photograph can change the hearts of people. This group seeks to take

Web Design and Development

Creatio’s New Media program is the groups that studies most developed skills in the fields: CODING CSS HTML JavaScript Techniques

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