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The roots of Creatio date back to the year 2000 when Olivet Assembly ( churches were being pioneered around the world. As the missions started to grow globally and media became increasingly important, a number of artists felt the need for professional design and expressed their willingness to support churches with their God-given skills. Motivated by the desire to spread the Gospel, the loosely connected network of artists first began supporting local churches through pro-bono website and graphic design services.

Their work has helped churches and ministries visually define their message and reach larger audiences online. The network increasingly established connections with ministers locally and globally, all thanks to a few talented designers who wanted to serve.

It wasn’t until 2007 that Creatio was formally established in San Francisco. For over 10 years, Creatio’s worldwide network has pursued its mission through ministry service, workshop seminars, exhibitions, fellowship events, and annual conferences. Collaborative projects for professional artists and art enthusiasts are also coordinated throughout the year. Creatio continues to seek opportunities to serve through its arts ministry inspired by the grace and love of Jesus Christ.

Founded in 2007

Annual Conference 2007

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Pentecost Exhibition 2014

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Easter Exhibition 2020

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Psalms Praise the Lord Exhibition 2020

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