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Creatio Intl Reinforced With New Approach this Spring

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Creatio Intl recently set the 2016 goal and restructured the ministry with new approach and staff.

First, Creatio intends to form several groups for: students, professionals, and education. Student group recruitment will focus on gathering art students from school orientations, evangelism, seminars, and other events. There will be more emphasis on teaching and fellowship within this group. Professional group is targeted to those already working in companies or professional Christian artists and designers. There will be more emphasis on collaborative works, social activities with the intention of serving Christian organizations professionally. Education group is dedicated to teaching kids and adults. There will be group activities for the fields of: art, design, interior design, architecture, and photography.

Secondly, Creatio is planning for addition outreach activities from spring 2016. There will be a gathering of Christian artists and designers through social networking website, and plan to have their first fellowship meeting in Manhattan, New York early April. Artists and designers were also invited to join the Pentecost exhibition. Other upcoming projects: 365 worship project, which is artists’ daily art works based on daily reflection/meditation; an offline exhibition; an online resource library, to provide a positive influence to both Christians and Christian art society; 153 change project (TBD), which consists of group activities meant to serve Christian organizations through branding, mural paintings, t-shirt/eco-product designs, and etc.

Creatio also plans to offer courses for potential designers to serve local churches of WOA. The first intensive session will begin July 2016. This session will include design skill classes and fellowship activities. Those who intend to co-work with local ministries and churches will qualify.

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