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Creatio Plans to Make Videos About Adobe Spark

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Recently, Creatio was reached out by a fellowship asking about making photos easily. The application Adobe Spark was recommended, but this lead Creatio to consider making a video about it as well.

Based on past experience with the application, a Creatio member will be planning and making a video of how it can be used. Some plans include making several short videos, taking questions, and more experimenting.

Creatio is aware of more advanced software such as Photoshop or Illustrator, and it is hoped that Adobe Spark can help those who are not especially familiar with those software. Others are welcomed to use it as well since it is simple and provides many resources – especially for social platforms.

Creatio hopes that videos can be completed and shared with fellowships and especially those who are focusing on online evangelism. Through this, it is wished that members may find an easier way to express images.

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