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Design Designation, Ideation Spurs Cyber Fellowships Creativity

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Creatio International Headquarters has created a communication platform related to the 120 Cyber ​​Fellowship Project and invited representatives and designers for overall communication. Creatio organized a dedicated designer for each parachurch organization and set guidelines for the migration process from existing layouts to each fellowship.

Creatio presented a brainstorming questionnaire so that each fellowship could compose a web-related concept. With the concept created through this, designers will apply the concept of color or font design to the web. The brainstorming questionnaire is intended to help in smooth communication between fellowship leaders and designers who are new to the web design concepts.

Leaders and designers were encouraged to be alert and follow as the goal is to push forward and fill the web content up within 7 days. Leaders were asked to fill out the brainstorming outline as the task of Day 1.

The Cyber Fellowship System will encompass the 120 countries with various parachurch organizations, creating more than one thousand avenues for the salvation of souls for the Kingdom of God.

“Parachurches are the frontlines of missions worldwide. With a strong Cyber Fellowship system, the central mission within each city will experience unprecedented revival. The dedication of parachurches enable the establishment of leadership and the evangelism of lost souls through their commonalities, which strengthen the bonds and unity within parachurches. Various sodalities will give rise to greater revival due to the stronger centripetal and the respectively stronger centrifugal force within parachurch ministers,” shared WEFS leaders.

It is hoped that each fellowship’s leaders and designated designers can receive strength by relying on God to finish this project.

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