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Online Art Exhibition Opens: “Children of God”

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On April 30, 2023, by the Grace of God, an online art exhibition was opened with amazing artworks of young children. Here is the link to go to the art exhibition. Please enjoy the God-given talents of our children.

The children were taught by art teacher Charlotte Niu, who served as a designer in the Creatio for a long time. Below is the testimony of her.

In 2021, a parent contacted me and shared that her child had a great talent for art and asked me to teach her child. At that time, many children wanted to learn art too but struggled to find art classes, and the tuition fees were very expensive. I felt a great burden in my heart and made the decision to enroll in professional children’s art courses, with the intention of teaching children. Teaching God’s children is a significant responsibility, and I approach it with great reverence and fear of this position.

In April 2021, I officially began teaching art to the children online. When facing the children who came to learn, I am very grateful that God gave me this opportunity and treated each child seriously. For me teaching an art class to children, I see it as a mission and treat it as a ministry. I am also very grateful to the parents for trusting me to teach their children. Because I have been entrusted with the responsibility of teaching God’s children, I cannot take this task lightly. Therefore, I continue to study hard and develop art courses.

Children are amazing. They have amazing creativity and talent given by God. Every time I see their works, I am truly in awe.

In the past two years, more than 50 children have been learning with me, and many children are waiting because my schedule is full. Children of missionaries from other countries also want to learn, but they cannot because of the time difference. Therefore, I hope to make children’s art education a global community ministry. More teachers can participate, record these courses, and train more teachers. This way, not only children around the world can learn now, but even children born in the future can also learn. We want to teach not only painting skills but also to let them know how to use the gift of painting given by God to testify to God’s love.

To accomplish this, I and my husband are far from enough. If you consider the gift of art that God has given to children as precious and consider the mission of cultivating children into witnesses of God’s love through art as precious, we hope that more people who have a passion for children’s art education can participate.

We are currently creating an educational website for online art training. — and I also record online video courses, hoping that children worldwide can be supported in art education.

On November 18, 2021, God personally revealed this dream to us during our prayer time. I have truly experienced God’s guidance and leadership throughout this dream and process. Today, the amazing works of the children are the work and glory of God, and we hope that more children can use art to witness God’s greater glory.

As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you, O God. – Psalm 42:1

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