Creatio is a nonprofit membership organization comprised of artists whose passion is to serve Christ through their God-given craft. Our mission is to bring the light of the gospel of Christ to the world of arts and design by connecting individuals, or groups, to churches and gospel-centered organizations in order to find a place for their creative gifts. Creatio is reaching out to artists, designers, architects, teachers, administrators, and audience members.

As a Creatio Member, you’ll enjoy a number of benefits designed to help you on your faith journey as well as your career. Join the Creatio community, to network, learn and grow creatively on the foundation of Jesus Christ.

If you have any questions regarding membership or fees, contact

Membership Levels

$5 per month / $50 per year

The student, the one just starting out, or the art and design fan and hobbyist. Students must provide student ID.

$9 per month / $100 per year

The junior artist, or designer, with a few years of experience.

Young Professional
$15 per month / $175 per year

The creative professional, working in design for a company or ministry, who wishes to see the growth and development of art and design.

$ 26 per month / $300 per year

The creative professional, leading design for a company or ministry, who wishes to contribute to the growth and development of art and design.

A bachelor’s or master’s degree in fine arts (e.g. painting, sculpture) or media arts (e.g. graphic design, interior design, animation) is required.

$85 per month / $1,000 per year

The one who is committed to Creatio and shares the same vision for the Kingdom of God.