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Creatio Devises Strategy to Raise Artists

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Creatio USA released a plan on how to guide and raise Artists. Art & Design Fellowship aims to gather numerous artists and designers who desire to serve God’s kingdom in godly way. Especially, Creatio is now focused on formulating a platform to bring various artists to grow together to discover ways to serve the ministry.

The first method the fellowship will utilize is formation of a book club. Artists tend to have strong inclination to consider their own thought and expression in priority. In the book “Art Need No Justification” the author criticizes prevalent attitude and mindset of artists saying they were deviated from the original way of God’s creation. The book corrects common thought and perspective of artists and guides them to gain biblical view on the work of Art.

Creatio is planning to distribute the book material to start guiding artists to understand basic attitude that they need to have as Christian artists.

The second method to recruit and raise artists is by creating a physical space as a studio to give them opportunity to gather and work together. Securing a space with full independence is crucial in developing art work. Creatio US is now planning to provide this space with a three- month program. Artists will participate in works of painting, illustrating, photograph, video creation and many others. Especially, the program will aim to form a biblical foundation in participants.

Each participant will be given with a clear task to fulfill within three-month time. Their art works will be exhibited online and offline and subsequently used for practical purposes.

The program schedule is in discussion. The staff projects starting from September this year.

Creatio US prays that they may prepare programs well to invite various artists. May their plan produce great fruit in US Art & Design mission.

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