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Creatio Plans to Hold Design Internship Program

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Creatio is going to host a Design Internship Program in Dover, NY this summer. The program will start July 4 and run until July 31. The program is intended to train new intern designers to comprehend general concepts and knowledge in service of mission related projects. The objective also includes a discovery of new talents and gifts in new designers to be efficient Kingdom workers. There are ten spots available for the program, though there are already those who have expressed their interest in joining.

The one month program will aim to equip all those new workers to be able to serve local churches effectively. These designers will be key in developing fliers, photos, and content that local church use for their outreach, advertisement, and promotion in the local community. Student will engage in lectures that will cover a wide variety of topics within art and design. In addition to addressing digital skills and creativity, students will also explore design in a physical space for decorating church spaces.

Those who are above 20 years of age and have obtained a committed membership level are qualified to apply for this program. Participants should be motivated to serve the church through Art and Design. They also need to possess at least one skill such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

The trainees will learn practical skills and methods to create church brochures, Bible Study materials, name cards, newsletters and others. More professional design work is needed for the current body of churches to effectively present themselves to the communities and perform evangelism that captures people’s attention.

Please pray and consider sending members that are interesting in taking part of this unique opportunity.

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